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Portfolio Management - How am I doing?

The vast majority of portfolio tracking systems on other websites merely calculate how much you've gained (or lost) from your initial investment. In some cases, they calculate your annual and total return percentage. Our system does all that and more.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" -- and a falling tide lowers them all. So if one of your stocks is down 10%, but the market as a whole is down 10%, you probably don't need to worry, the tide will eventually rise again. But if your stock is down 20% and the market is still the same as when you bought the stock, your boat may be sinking.

The above illustrates the problem of setting a stop loss order for protection when you buy a stock. If the overall market falls (including your stock) the stop loss order may be triggered and you will book a real loss.

Our system allows you to receive alerts if your stock price falls below your selected benchmark by a percentage you choose.


Our screeners replicate certain technical analysis methods which we like. They run in seconds, saving you hours a day of scanning charts for technical patterns.

Accumulate/Distribution Ratios

Displays percentage from 0.0 to 100.0 of buying activity.
This shows the strength of the market during the past 6 weeks.

See the Accumulate/Distribute History on the Sceeners page for more detailed information.
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2020-04-06 33.33 30.77
2020-04-03 26.67 23.08
2020-04-02 25.00 21.43
2020-04-01 18.75 14.29
2020-03-31 17.65 13.33
2020-03-30 18.75 14.29
2020-03-27 18.75 14.29
2020-03-26 17.65 14.29
2020-03-25 17.65 14.29
2020-03-24 12.50 14.29

Put/Call Ratio

This links to the CBOE page.

Put/Call current infromation is located on the Quotes and Data menu under Daily Market Statistics.
CBOE Home Page

Neural Network Predict

We are currently evaluating a machine learning model which calculates the probability of a security rising 10% in the next 30 days, and not falling by more than 5% during that time frame.

First Test (completed)
 Bought 33 stocks on Jan 15, sold them on February 14. Gain 3.45%.
Click here to view chart.

Second Test (in progress)
 Bought 9 stocks on Feb 15, sold on March 14, showing a gain of 2.63%.
Click here to view chart.

If algorithm prediction prove to be successful, then they will be made available to premium members. (Pricing to be determined.)